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Comil Oral Drops 20ML

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  • Reduce pain in upper abdomen
  • Reduce Swelling of the abdomen
  • Helps in intense crying of infant
  • Pain and cramps
  • Microflora restoration

Packages Size: 20 ml +1 sachet (2g) containing Saccharomyces


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  • Comil formula consist in simethicone suspension in water enriched with Saccharomyces Boulardii
  • Relieve symptoms due to excessive presence of gastro-intestinal gas, pain, cramps, senses of tension, belching, flatulence.
  • Useful for infants, children and adults.
  • Simethicone favors expulsion of gas and Saccharomyces
  • Boulardii act as a temporary substitute of endogenous microbiota, protecting the GIT and helping the natural proper restoring of microflora Simethicone is widely used to treat gas related symptoms
  • Saccaharomyces boulardii, often known as friendly bacteria or good bacteria, is present in Comil oral drops. It is advised for newborns, babies, and children who are experiencing colic symptoms. It promotes intestinal, digestive, and overall gut health.
  • Comil is a 100% safe and completely effective therapy that can be used from birth to treat the symptoms of colic pain and other disorders involving flatulence in infants and childern.
  • Simethicone, a component of Comil oral drops, promotes in the release of trapped gas in infants’ stomachs and intestines. It has demonstrated effectiveness in treating baby colic, functional dyspepsia, and painful gastric distension.
  • Each Comil pack comes with a calibrated dropper for precise medicine delivery.
  • Oral Drops effectively relieves spasms or contractions in the stomach and intestine (gut), relaxing the muscles and improving food movement. This aids in the treatment of abdominal pain (or stomach pain), cramps, bloating, and discomfort. For maximum benefit, give Belly Oral Drops to your child in the dose and duration recommended.


Dose Form: 20 drops

Infants: 1 dose 1-2 times/day

Children: 1 dose 1-3 times/day

Adults: 1-2 doses 2-4 times/day

Indications : Colic and Gas for Kids and Infants

Country of Origin: ITALY

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